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On 13 Oct 99 at 19:35, email @ redacted wrote:

>.For some strange
> reason, they saw themselves as "Miss Manners's handmaidens and saw it as thier
> responsibility to determine what was socially acceptable behavior at the
> restaurant table.   I thought these women were friends....had known them for
> 25 years but when I started MDI with frequent testing, they just didnt
> approve.  To hell with them!

Well, I'm not sure about that last phrase (professional interest there...) but 
any time we encounter a condition like diabetes that requires action like MDI 
or intensive intervention we quickly determine who our friends are... I've 
gotten some extremely good friends who have put up with my Captain Bligh 
imitations while on my sailboat - think about what it means to have the 
skipper's bg crashing when he is the most experience sailor and is the only one 
who knows how to trim the genoa properly...  and I have other "friends" who 
I haven't heard from since shortly after my boys were born and they discovered 
that one of them wasn't "perfect"...  a true friend is one who stands by us 
through the tough times as well as celebrates the good times with us...  Which 
leads to the strange thought that I have several "friends" on this list that I 
have never met in person... but they have encouraged me when I've had some bad 
times and have laughed with me when I've had good times...  

True friends will accept your need to "test proudly" and will cooperate and 
even assist...

Randall P. Winchester
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