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On 13 Oct 99 at 18:54, email @ redacted wrote:

>  RESPECT people. You are the one that CAN do it somewhere
> else.  I am not trying to offend people but just stating how I feel.

But many times there is nowhere else that is safe... It looks like it's time to 
drag the dead horse out of the closet again so we can beat it some more...  You 
are more at risk of infections when you test in public toilets, hospitals or 
doctor's offices because those places have a higher concentration of 
pathogens...  As I've said before, with today's meters you don't have to make a 
big production of it!  I've tested my bg at meetings, in church in front of 
several hundred people, at dinners and even driving down the road at 65 mph...

With meters like the DEX or AccuCheck you don't have to have a big drop of 
blood and with practice you can do it with the meter in your lap, quick action 
on the lancet device, small drop of blood on the strip, not much excess blood 
so just stick your finger in your mouth (like if you get a splinter!) and away 
you go - total time including meter delay is about 60-90 seconds.  

Most people's reactions are based on your reaction - if you are nervous, 
scared, rattled or acting like you're trying to hide something their curiosity 
is aroused.  If you just plop down and go about your business it doesn't arouse 
their interest and even if they do spot a little blood or something it's like 
seeing someone with a paper cut on their hand - not worth their attention.  

The moral of the story?  Be confident, be assured, and take some actions to be 
relatively discrete but don't endanger yourself by skipping a test or testing 
in a toilet...  People with diabetes need to come out of the toilet and just be 
ourselves... Be proud, be loud, be in control... and test in public...  TEST 

Randall P. Winchester
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* reflect the official position of anyone in particular.            *
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* we can both be assured of is that I must have completely
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