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Re: [IP] Viruses and diabetes

<<<<<<<I've spent most of my life off base... usually in Left Field.
Because I am
mildly vertically challenged (only 5'10"), I've been called a Short Stop
before. I'm not really fast and I've rarely made it to First Base, although
I keep on Running. Being mild-mannered, I guess that I'm not much of a
Hitter. Also, being the honest person that I am, I've never had enough
nerve to Steal Second Base, and I'm not sure what I'd do with it even if I
got it.
To Wind-up here, this is not much of a Pitch so this Batter is going Home
after the next Slider comes over his dinner Plate.
(Now, aren't you sorry you asked??)<<<<<<<<<<

	Yes I am: it was clearly an Error my part.  Can't Stands all those
Double Plays on words you Put Out.  I'll have to Manage though, maybe by
Picking Off your better comments.  Just don't Fly Out to see me. It's Safer
if you Walk anyway.

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