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[IP] advice

hey everyone
 Last night i went to a doctor's education session
about diabetes, I was a guest speaker, giving hte
patient's perspective. I saidsome stuff, to me it was
nothing special but everyone was impressed and
someshocked about some local experiences ihave had.
apediatrician came up to me afterwards and wants to
help...i've always seen a family doc, they refuseto
treat the tdiabetes, and he wants to help. told me i
should stop by hisoffice one day so we can talk. i'm
notsure, i think it's worht a try and i am leary..i
don't NEED a pediatrician, i like my family doc except
diabetes part, which is80% of it,k so.... He told me
to stop by and we'd talk, i'm considering it, he seems
to know stuff about type 1 and unlike the local docs
i'vemet, he will help with diabetes, NOT say call the
endo allthe time
 Also i met a neat Endo from DC., he was the one doing
the talking. 
 It was a different experience. One company rep who
sponsored the dinner wants to get me to come to
doctor's offices at lunch time and talk (even said
he'd pay) b/c I get the point across more than he
does. I didn'tthink I said that much, I had note
cards, etc, but in the end I didn'teven take them out,
I just spoke. The aDa rep who asked me there wants me
to come to another one in spring. Who knows, by then i
may have greatexpereinces with a new doc
(pediatrician)?? Also a leadership conference next
month I am debating about going to...she is now
pushing teens...there are no other on boards around dc
area, but I am a Board of Director member for the PW
Area...pretty cool! 
 So things were interesting. I didn't even get to
homework last night, got home after 10:30 pm and boy
am i still tired!!and a zombee, not helped by a bg
crash at 6 am...i was fine yesterday, today diabetes
is not my thing and im hating it...one other thing,i
had CONSISTENT bg when i was out last night..not good,
but very consistent, all between 220-230..hehe, but
 very very tired and now behind...
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