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[IP] Good explanations and flu shots

1.  Michael, you do explain things so very well.  Who knows for sure if it 
was my having Hepatitis while in College, my Mother's Thyroid problems, the 
awful sinus infection that knocked me for a loop (and consequently 6 weeks 
later was in Hospital dx'd with Juvenile Diabetes), the predisposition from 
a relative still unknown, or #1 Guardian, or #2 Guardian, with Auto Immune 
system.   Hopefully, we will have the knowledge to create a CURE soon. 
   In the meantime, thank you for your valuable input.

2.   Just to prove Sam's favorite statement, YMMV,  I have never had the 
flu, or more than an occasional sinus infection every few years.  I am 
extremely healthy ('cept for arthritis and gravity).  I refuse to get a flu 
shot.  My doctor and everyone says get one.   But I don't want to mess with 
what works.  Once I have the flu I will certainly get one.  But my theory, 
right or wrong, if everything works, why mess with it.   You can all go 
nah, nah, nah,  if I ever get the flu.

3.  Sara, No one would ever "delete you"!  You are an inspiration, delight, 
voice of reason, and I truly adore you, sight unseen, simply because you 
honestly share the essence of who you are.  I would love to be in your 
presence cause I know you are a hoot!  And if you ever need anything, and I 
can do it for you, just holler!  Keep on being you!

The opinions expressed here are not recommended for the general public. 
  Just for me!

 Again, Thank you, Michael for your understandable explanations.
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL

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