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Re: [Re: [IP] Question about flu shot]

"Michael" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> My son was diagnosed earlier this year at 19-now 20-should he get
> the flu shot? He goes back to his endo on Nov 2nd and I was just
> wondered what your all's thoughts were on this subject.
My doc recommends flu shots for all high risk individuals AND their 
caretakers (wouldn't want to be sick and try to take care of a sickee 

Flu is dangerous for people with diabetes because of the risk of 
dehydration and elavated bg's caused by fever, etc...
email @ redacted

      I would also like to add the possibility of getting pnemonia as a
complication of the flu! This is what happened to myself before I got a yearly
flu shot. Spent 5 days in the hospital because of it and was extremely ill!
Have gotten a flu shot ever since and last year got the pnemonia vaccine too!

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