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Re: [[IP] insertion pain?]

Laura Arns <email @ redacted> wrote:
Question: how much more does inserting an infusion set hurt as compared
with standard injections? I've seen several posts on folks (parents
especially) using EMLA to numb the site first, but I am assuming that
you generally didn't do this before with just injections? So this leads
me to believe there must be a great deal more pain? I am guessing also
that certain types of sets might be worse than others: the rapids and
sof-sets (and micros) seem to me more like how a regular injection would
go in than a sil, and the needle doesn't look THAT much bigger than a
syringe (course, I am not the one with the experience getting poked
every day either)...

     Laura, I honestly think it hurts less to insert the canula( I use
sofsets)then to use a syringe. The reasoning I have come up with is that,
adrenalin takes over and makes me numb! I am quite certain the inserter needle
is twice as long as a syringe needle! Although the needles go in,  in the same
direction, the sofsets take a bit more force to get them in.  Denise 

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