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Re: [IP] Help with highs after breakfast

what is ryan eating for breakfast?  if a high glycemic food...like capn
crunch or such...we find that if we do a bolus for the whole amount of the
food...then raise geneva's basals for about three hours ...until lunchtime
at noon...by 0.3 points...she is fine.

a suggestion.


> I am hoping someone out there can offer some tips on a
> dilemma we are having. Ryan is 12, been pumping for 7
> months. He has 6 different basal rates, highest is .9
> which runs between 5-8:30am. We have done a fasting
> profile and these seem to be ok for the most part. The
> weird thing is he can start out the morning at 150,
> have breakfast at 7:30 with a 15/1 carb ratio and at
> 9-9:30, he's calling home because his bg is 250 or
> higher.
> If we do a 10/1u it's too much, he goes low. If we
> correct the high, he goes low.

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