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Re: [IP] Question about flu shot

This is NOT to say you shouldn't get the flu shot, but this is my version
of YMMV.  I only got the flu shot once, but that was more than enough.  I
rarely get the flu (usually once every 2-3 years or so).  Two years ago I
decided I should get the flu shot.  First, my arm was increadibly sore and
I felt like I was going to throw up (and did twice) for three days.  I had
a low grade fever and felt icky on top of it, but it was alright.  About 10
weeks later, I got the flu the worst I have ever had it, then proceded to
get it two more times that winter (the one time I didn't leave my house,
except for the doc) for a week).  Last year I decided to go without.  The
flu went through here really bad (far worse than the year before), and I
did manage to get it.  However, compared to everyone else (most of whom had
the flu shot because I'm in a branch of health care), I had it the most
mildly, and was never completely stopped (and it only last 3 days).  So my
YMMV is, I don't get the flu shot.  I think it is great for some people,
but me (and my doc agrees) thinks at least for now that I'm better without
it.  Maybe it was coincidence, but who knows.

Remember YMMV

Maureen- who isn't allergic to eggs or has any of the other
contraidications for flu shots, but still doesn't get them
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