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[IP] adventures of a new pumper.....

so my bg's have been  pretty stable since i started pumping insulin
yesterday, but i did have one small scare.... this morning, my
post-prandial was a bit higher than i like, but i thought i might have
just miscalculated a bolus, or something....  so i waited until the full
four hours it takes for H to flush out of my system before checking again,
to find that i had continued to rise, up to 267... (and i was starting to
feel it, woozy, and headachey...)  but i was awesome!!!

i kept my cool...  i checked the infusion site, the cannula was fine, and
nothing was painful or redish....  so i disconnected the tubing (i use
tenders) and attempted to prime.... i got two pitiful drops of insulin,
and then nothing at all....  eventually i found a small leak in the
tubing... feeling proud, but i little cautious, i changed only the
tubing...  a corrective bolus and three hours later, i was comfy and back
in my normal range...  GO PUMP!!!

i'm so excited that i could actually figure out what was causing my high,
and then fix it.... after months of highs and lows with no apparent cause,
that were resistant to nearly every treatment i tried......  

i will now continue my dance for joy, offline....
thanks for listening,


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted
NOTE!  NEW NUMBER!!!!!!!!!  -----> (617) 491-7935

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