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[IP] re: insertion pain?

Laura Arns <email @ redacted> wrote:

Question: how much more does inserting an infusion set hurt as compared
with standard injections? 

Hi Laura and all--

I was TERRIFIED of injecting my first infusion set--I almost backed out of
getting a pump because I had built up so much fear.  My pumper son (who had
had to overcome a few fears of his own)and my CDE were incredibly
supportive.  My CDE helped me insert a SoftSet before any of my regular
pump training--I left it in for 24 hours, which also allowed us to check
for any allergic reactions to the IV prep and the adhesives on the wings
and dressings.  (My son just kept reminding me of all the things I told him
when he started out!) I can honestly say that--although I still grit my
teeth a little when I push the button--I don't experience any pain or
discomfort when inserting.  I didn't find injections to be painful, either,
but the pump gave me my life back!  

I wouldn't give up my pump for anything!!!!!

:)  Doreen in Wyoming
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