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[IP] Help with highs after breakfast

I am hoping someone out there can offer some tips on a
dilemma we are having. Ryan is 12, been pumping for 7
months. He has 6 different basal rates, highest is .9
which runs between 5-8:30am. We have done a fasting
profile and these seem to be ok for the most part. The
weird thing is he can start out the morning at 150,
have breakfast at 7:30 with a 15/1 carb ratio and at
9-9:30, he's calling home because his bg is 250 or
If we do a 10/1u it's too much, he goes low. If we
correct the high, he goes low. If we leave it alone
and do no correction, by about 11:30 he's back to
where he should be, but he feels so crappy for the two
hours he's high! 
Today we did 12/1u, but gave about 75% w/breakfast,
the other 25% on temp basal for 1 hour (which made his
basal rate 2.0 for 1 hour instead of .4) Didn't work.
Was on the phone at 10:40 with a bg of 59. This only
seems to happen on school days (sleeps later on
wkends) but it's driving me nuts. Does the dawn phen.
have to do with time of day, or the time you get up? I
know he is more insulin resistant in the morning.
Doesn't seem to be so much so when he gets up later on
the weekend.
Any ideas????

It would be sooo helpful if Blood sugars would follow
a specific formula. Any one know where to post that
request to?  :-)  

thanks for any help!
Rae, Ryan's mom


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