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[IP] DPT testing

Hi all,
    I took my boys to Atlanta on Columbus day to have the ICA testing.It
was the most difficult for my 8 year old to be stuck.  ( I feel for you
parents of  D kids)  Anyhow I am worried about the future results.  And
now all this talk about the coxsackie virus. All 4 of my boys have had
it in the last year.  I describe as painful sores on the bottoms of feet
and palms and in the mouth.  They all kept getting reinfected.  My
teenager had it first.  I was told he probably got in in the school
locker room.  This all now makes me so scared.  Josh is 13 and close to
the age I was diagnosed.  My grandmother,  I believe had the Graves
disease.  I was told it was surgically induced, by removal of her
thyroid gland.  someone correct me on that one if I am wrong.  Anyhow,
now I think I will be nervous with this new info. not that I wasn't
already. Just call me a worrier,  I think it's maternal or something.
Back to the DPT testing we should have our results by sometime in
December.  My three year old twins were the troopers.  Kevin just sat
and watched the needle stick.  Well i'm all vented out now WHEW!!!

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