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Re: [IP] Re: Public Testing -- and in Unusual Spots

><< I'd like to start a thread on the most UNUSUAL place you've tested.
> on Mt. Everest, for eg?) >>

As a high school theatre director, I've tested in a few really bizarre
"stage locales" over the years...my student directors developed the habit of
bringing me the "glucomer bag" onstage during rehearsal if I hadn't had a
break in a while, & saying "Have you checked your sugar lately?"

I think probably the most unusual places I've tested have been in
Woodstock's tree (Snoopy) & in Posieden's throne on Mount Olympus (The
Trojan Women)...oh, & I guess you could count Rapunzel's tower (Into the
Woods)- makes my current job seem a little tame, now that I think about it!

The great thing is, when I was so caught up in what we were doing that I'd
think "Oh, I know I need to eat, but it can wait until I get done with THIS
item", kids learned to put food into my hand instead of just suggesting it,
so that I would go ahead & eat!  Yes, I've been spoiled!


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