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[IP] Re: Michael on virus theory

>If immune guardian #1 gets activated first, it suppresses # 2. If 
># 2 happens to be the one that can cause diabetes, it will then never 
>happen (type 1 that is). However, if #2 gets activated first, you're 
>a dead duck so to speak. That said, much time can go by and a person 
>may never be exposed to the so called "mimic" virus that causes the 
>problem in the first place, so both immune cells can remain inactive. 

So if this theory did indeed turn out to be correct, would they then be
hoping to discover particular viruses that activate each type of immune
cell in order to intentionally activate the non-diabetes causing one
first and thus prevent the disease? Or are they somehow hoping to find a
way to prevent people from ever getting this second type of cell in the
first place?
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