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[IP] Re: insertion pain?

>No offense meant but with out the lidocain that i use it hutrs like 

Interesting. I am getting lots of helpful responses on this. Thanks
all!!! I have not heard of lidocain before, is this just a different
numbing agent? Have you tried this EMLA stuff that everyone seems to be
talking about? Was it any better in terms of the reation your doctor
thought you were having??  Does using the sof-serter make it hurt any
less or just help if you are nervous about "freehanding" it?  Since
Shane has a pretty high pain tolerance I am guessing that he will have
the luck most others seem to have in that the sets don't hurt any worse
than an injection going in, and won't need any numbing stuff. He is a
bit hesitant to try a sil to start with because he is one thats likes to
just jab the syringe in quick and get it over with, rather than apply
pressure until it breaks the skin (which is what it sounds like the
process is for a sil). The "apparent" size of the needle doesn't seem to
bother him.  Course, even if it hurt, he would be all stoic and try not
to let anyone know until we got home. (Not me, I would bawl like a
I don't know how we are ever going to make it to our Nov 5 startup
date---we are both so excited!
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