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> Julie wrote:
> A Virus killed my beta cells to cause my diabetes also .. I am the
> only one in my family .. I am wondering does this mean that I can
> pass it down to my children or theirs do I have that gene?? because
> I got it though a virus ?? 

The current theory:

Some virus currently unknown is beaten back by the immune system. 
Some of the proteins on it's surface are similar or the same as the 
ones on the surface of beta cells. Thus the immune system goes on to 
attack the beta cells after it finishes off the virus.

There are two particular immune attack cells involved, only one of 
which is EVER active in a particular individual. i.e. if one gets 
activated, the other will not and visa versa. Not everyone has both, 
so their is a genetic pre-disposition involved that is not absolute. 
If immune guardian #1 gets activated first, it suppresses # 2. If 
# 2 happens to be the one that can cause diabetes, it will then never 
happen (type 1 that is). However, if #2 gets activated first, you're 
a dead duck so to speak. That said, much time can go by and a person 
may never be exposed to the so called "mimic" virus that causes the 
problem in the first place, so both immune cells can remain inactive. 
Some other disease agent can come along and activate one or the other 
of the immune cells that can conferr protection or activate the 
diabetes process. Some people simply don't have #2, so it is never a 

That's the current state of affairs as I understand it. I don't know 
it this is a hypotheises or if it has made it to "theory" status yet.

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