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Re: [IP] Re: virus causing diabetes

> I agree Doreen
> My diabetes they say was caused by strep throat at age 12. They
> conclude that the virus triggered the diabetes that was more than
> likely already present in my genes.

Diabetes or beta-cell death has already been going on for some time.
The illness causes an increase in insulin requirements which in turn 
causes a crisis because the pancreas can not produce additional 
insulin. The result is symptoms of DKA which result in a trip to the 
doc and a diagnosis of the diabetes. The diabetes process involves 
the killing off of the beta cells by the immune system. This takes a 
while and finally the pancreas is working a max production to supply 
the insulin the body needs. This works OK for a while as the peaks in 
bg caused by meals are overcome by steady insulin production that 
finally brings bg's back down. When a crisis occurs, such as illness 
etc... the additional insulin demands can not be met and bg's rise 
permanently. The particular illness does not trigger the immune 
system to do the "deed' that has been happening for a long time (that 
is why the current antibody studies are going on). The illness is 
just the straw the breaks the camels back in terms of current insulin 

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