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Re: [IP] our lowest

> Summer (10) called me at work today saying she had just tested and
> was 40.  She corrected with juice and 15 carbs.  She called about 15
> minutes later and was 30!  I don't think she's ever been that low
> before.  We are so lucky she doesn't pass out or seizure.  Turned
> out she'd bolased for lunch, then put it in the oven and it took
> longer than expected to cook.  She was not alone, my elderly, blind
> mother was with her.

She needs to have glucose tabs with her. Juice contains a complex 
sugar that needs to be broken down by the digestive system -- this 
takes time. Glucose tabs act NOW. Three 5 gram tabs will probably 
bring her up 75 - 100 points within 10 minutes. If she doesn't like 
the taste, get Dex4 tabs -- the aren't bad at all.

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