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Re: [IP] consensus on lows

doreen ,

        yes ,about a year ago i had a very bad experience my husband said 
that i woke him in the middle of the night biting his arm but he could not 
get me awake so he called my mom who lives about 5 miles from us and she 
came over and checkd my sugar which said 19 they called the parametics and 
rubbed syrup on the inside of my mouth  untill the emts arrived and then put 
me in the amb. and took me to the local hospital ,on the way i got 3 amps of 
d50 and was still out the 20 min ride and the d50 made me begin to arrouse 
as we got to the local hospital where no one new anythig about pumps so they 
called my doc. and she told them to suspend my pump. the local jerk that 
called himself a doctor's way of treating me was to tell my husband that all 
diabetics need to keep candy at the head of the bed.that was it and it cost 
us over 4000.00 ambulances and all. The next day i went to my doc and we 
worked out the problem ,my thyroid level was to low allowing for exceptional 
absorption of the insulin. i now keep glucogon at the head of my bed ,my 
husband ,2 daughters and my mother know how to give it as well as how to 
test my sugars, and i have my thyroid level checked every other month. deb

>From: Doreen McGlade <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IP] consensus on lows
>Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 20:45:20 -0600
><<We've got a group of about 1700 diabetics here-what's the consensus on 
>following: have you ever had a low bad enough that you either passed out or
>were to the point where you needed someone else's help?>>
>I have been that low several times in my 30+ years with diabetes--the first
>few times were when I was in junior high, back in the "good old days" of
>multiple daily urine testing without adjustments and early visits to the
>elderly g.p. who would tell me how much insulin I would need every day for
>the next year and tell me how many calories I would be eating at each meal
>for that same amount of time.  (I'm really not sure those lows should
>However--as an adult, I had one very serious low--I was at a school staff
>meeting with a long-winded principal, and by the time I NEEDED something to
>eat, my thought processes were so confused by the low that I convinced
>myself it would be BAD MANNERS to interrupt the meeting.  Sigh....
>resulting in a trip to our local emergency room.  I was pregnant at the
>time, incidentally-- my daughter is 18 years old now and a freshman in
>college, so the experience was scary but not tragic.
>My 17-year old son has also had occasional lows that have led loss of
>consciousness (and even convulsions).  He was diagnosed at two, and it took
>his dad and me some time to figure out what signs to look for--his behavior
>when he was low sometimes mimicked typical two-to three-year old
>independent behaviors (aka temper tantrums).  Josh hasn't been in the ER or
>ambulance or treated by EMTs for the past 10 years or so, and no longer has
>temper tantrums, either.  (Aha!  A coincidence?  I think not....)
>Both of us can get into the 40s pretty quickly, and still be walking around
>and self-treat with minimal help from others.  We do MUCH, MUCH, MUCH
>better now that we are both on pumps.
>Just .04 from our experience--
>:)  Doreen in Wyoming
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