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Just have to join in the throngs of "hang in there".
We had never talked to anyone on a pump before we
actually started, and somehow I was under the
impression that once he was on the pump, his bg would
be a steady 80-120 forever. Little did I know.....
started on a basal rate of .8 (now is .3 at that time
of day) couldn't figure out why he kept going low.
(duh) Ryan was one of the first kids they put on pump
at U/MI, now I know we just didn't get enough info.
Felt just like when I brought him home after dx.
Things smoothed out after just a couple days, smoother
yet as a couple weeks went by. It's been 7 months, we
still have to adjust, but wouldn't go back to MDI for
anything. Stay connected, this site is a great help.
Wish I had found it sooner, (so does our CDE) :-)
((HUGS)) to you! You are doing the right thing!!!!


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