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>I am scheduled to have vitrectomy surgery in a couple of weeks for a >recurring vitreouos hemmorage. (after just completing 4 laser surgeries)
>I'm anxious to hear from someone who has gone through this.  How quickly did >you bounce back?

Shane had this done about 6 years ago I think, after a laser surgery. I
am not sure on all the details but I believe the laser had been done as
an outpatient, but the vitrectomy he had to stay in for. I know he said
the laser really hurt, but I can't recall on the vitrectomy. Since he
had had laser done on the other eye also, he was pretty much totally
blind for several months. He was in a lot of pain for probably 3-4 days
at least where he did not do much but lie in bed on pain meds. After
that though he was up and about and going crazy because he couldn't see
to play with the computer or watch tv...  Also he was not allowed to
lift over 5 lbs for many weeks.  Keep in mind though that his sugar
levels were not in good control then and were probably pretty high!
Better numbers should make the healing go faster. He said they also told
him that he would have healed faster and felt less pain if he were
older, say 50, instead of 25. I'm not sure why that should matter,
sounded odd to me. On the bright side, he now has 20/40 in that eye
(20/20 with glasses), and the retinologist says it still looks really
Let me know if you have other questions/concerns and I will relay them
to him.
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