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[IP] Coxsackie and virus

The coxsackie virus is better known as hand, foot, mouth disease and is
caused by as many as 17 viruses.  My son, age 3, has had it three
times.  It is usually diaganosed after the child complaining of a sore
throat and when the doctor looks into the throat, he sees blisters.  It
can also cause blisters on the hands and feet.  It is VERY dangerous for
a pregnant woman to get as it can cause birth defects and/or

I was diagnosed 7 years ago with IDMD.  I had been in the hospital
numerous times over a 2 year period with abdominal pain.  Each time my
white blood cell count was elevated indicating an infection somewhere in
my body.  The sixth time I was hospitized, they were going to do
exploratory surgery but my parents would not let them.   I was fine for
a year afterwards but was under a tremendous amout of stress (my sister
and her husband died) and was diagnosed almost a year after the last
hospitliazation.  The doctors told me that they felt I had a virus or
infection that "killed" my pancreus.  They were not sure how or why.  I
did have family history of both Type 1 and Type 2 in my family.
Interestingly enough, the last time I went to the endo he said there was
microsopic evidence of the same type of thing "killing" off my thyroid.

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