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[IP] CT's and MRI's

Hey girl!!

I don't know about an MRI, but for the CT scan(s) last jan/feb, I just took 
my pump off and put it on a stool by the wall...when I got xrays, i just held 
it up out of the way (they were zapping my belly)

NOW, MAKE SURE they don't use IV contrast when the do the CT scan if your 
kidneys are compromised AT ALL!!!  If you have elevated protein or are taking 
ace inhibitors MAKE SURE your endo knows you are having a CT scan, and ask 
him if he thinks there will be a problem with the IV Contrast.  This is stuff 
they inject you with that makes you glow real pretty for the CT scan.  There 
is another way to make you glow - not as effective unfortunately, but NOT 
harmful to your kidneys...

As for missed insulin, a CT scan can vary in length depending on the 
ineptitude of the trained technician performing the test...or if you move, so 
I would just wait til you plug back in and then cover for any high, rather 
than take it in advance and risk crashing while you are int he middle of the 
test.  Bring your meter with you into the room where you do the test cuz 
sometimes they make you wait before you leave to make sure it came out ok or 
some thing...you could be sitting there for 1/2 hour which could be a problem 
for missed basal, for some people

As for the belly ring, they will make you take it out if they are x-raying in 
that area...They made me take off my medic alert bracelet for the CT 
scan....Of course if they are examining your head, you will have to take the 
ones in your eyebrow, nose and that tongue stud out...tee hee  kidding - i 
don't know if you have those or not!

Good luck!!!
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