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Re: [IP] Coxsackie

    Melissa too had a summer virus ( high fever for several days & nothing 
else) about 2 wks prior to getting diabetes- which sort of destroys the 
theory about it taking years to develop. She also had coxsackie AFTER getting 
diabetes, in the pre-pump days- which was definitely NOT fun since the sores 
also developed in her throat & she couldn't swallow ( which I of course 
realized AFTER I'd given her her shot!). We fortunately discovered a handy 
product called "magic mouthwash" that the pharmacist concocted & which numbed 
her throat just enough to get a few carbs in her!
    However, what I believe DID trigger her predisposition to getting 
diabetes is the autoimmune component, more so than the virus. I've had 
hypothryoidism for 30 years & one day in the Childrenwithdiabetes Parents' 
chat, it turned out there were 7 moms there, all with thyroid disorders!!! 
This is non-scientific evidence of course, but under the heading of "life 
experience", it seems plausible to me.

Regards, Renee
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