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[IP] Re: Cheese

Cheese is LOADED with both protein and fat.

Protein DOES convert to glucose -- about 60% worth. So if you consume 10
grams of protein, you can plan on 6 grams of glucose.

The fat causes the glucose to rise more slowly, but it still DOES rise.

Do an experiment -- buy a block of cheese that quotes how much protein
in a given measurement and then eat enough of it to make it easy to
calculate your carb ratio. For example, if you're 1:15, then if you eat
50 grams of protein, it should equal 30 grams of carbs, thus being
equivalent to 2 units of insulin. But DON'T take that insulin. 

Then plot your BGs by measuring every half hour, and see WHEN they rise,
and how much. 

That will give you a starting point to use when you program your bolus
-- I use a temporary basal for the protein part of a meal if it's a
significant amount.
For me, the rise is pretty much finished in 4 hours; others will
certainly have different numbers. 

Of course, you'll have to experiment to find what works for you!  Hope
this helps!
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