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[IP] Coxsackie

email @ redacted wrote:
> <<anyone have the coxsackie virus?
> geneva did...and they say it may be a trigger  (along with every other
> virus, probably)
> ruth>>
> Ruth -- Amy also had the Coxsackie virus. What an uncomfortable time she 
> hadwith it. She was dx'd that same year afterwards.

What are the symptoms of Coxsackie? How do you know the kid has it? I
raised my (non-diabetic) son before anyone ever thought of identifying
all the sicknesses kids get -- he had rashes and sniffles and coughs,
but I haven't a clue as to what diseases he actually had and which not!

Since getting the confirmation that I do have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis,
there is a possibility that my son is genetically susceptible to
autoimmune diseases also; it would be nice to know if he already had
Coxsackie and survived it!!!  :)
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