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Re: [IP] Viruses and diabetes

Sam, why do you start all your queries while being off base?  Don't you
know its not safe to be off base? especially this time of year?  Or are you
just an old bass player who no longer practices?
	Anyway, the current thinking on this issue is not that the virus
itself does anything bad to your beta cells.   Rather, the proteins that
the virus contain trigger your immune system to make antibodies to kill the
virus.   For some as yet unclear reason, in some people, those antibodies
identify similar looking proteins in the beta cells as being bad.  Then its
just a matter of time before your own antibodies damage and kill all the
beta cells.  There is often a delay between the initial virus and the beta
cell destruction.  Once a template for the evil proteins has been made by
the immune system, it keeps it in storage for a long time, and can be
activated  a much later time.   So, that means our problem is not so much
bad beta cells--rather we all have too good of an immune system.   The good
news is that at least you probably won't die of cancer.

<<<<<I could be totally off base here, but from what I understand the virus
not have actually caused diabetes, but the increased stress level from the
virus may have just been the last straw that brought out the outward
symptoms. Apparently the beta cells take a number of years, to silently
self-destruct. Severe stress can be the final trigger that brings it out of
the closet.
Does anyone have any authoritative medical information on this?

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