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[IP] Ranting and raving at list

Not having been the member of any support group for last 10 or 12 years this
forum serves me as a barometer on how I'm doing aka rest of pumpers.

It also has served to introduce me to a couple of very special pumpers (now
in truth all of us are special: that's why we are cybernetic.  It's just
that some cybernauts are more suited to deal with other cybernauts).

In terms of people ranting and raving and needing the list manager to post a
'be nice to people on the list' message:

1] We are all freinds here for each others help.  There is no point in
hitting each other over the head as the resulting blood sugar variations
(from loss of blood and hospital ER) would make the offending party feel
quite guilty.

2] YMMV and so may mine

3] This is NOT a medical list: it is a user list discussing user problems.
While the political and personal views of some members may clash with mine,
my purpose for being a member is to learn more about diabetes and the pump
and to help others to do the same.  If I don't like someone's choice of
lifestyle or choice of clothing, that's a personal thing that I can deal
with either myself or priveatly online with other person.

4] As this is an option that affects life in a very large way (freedom from
the clock, connection to machine 24 hours a day, etc) there are bound to be
VERY VERY STRONG feelings about the entire thing.  This is a good place to
let them out as guarenteed others have the same or similar.

5] Having gone on a pump almost 20 years ago I find that many of the
discussions are rather silly or show no appreciation for the state of
current medical equiptment  (or is it 21...I found my original application
for insurance coverage for AutoSyringe 6C recently while cleaning out my
desk along with instruction manuals for the 6c and 6MP).  Most of the list
members DONT remember boiling syringes to sterilize them and many don't
remember clinitest tablets (who has the words to the 'first you feel shocky,
then you feel rocky, that's the way it goes with the sugar blues' song?)
But that's my opinion: if someone who had worn a backpack pump had heard ME
complaining about size of AutoSyringe's 6 pumps they would have laughed me
out of the office.

6] Sara doesn't seem to bite (at least not over the net)

Yerachmiel the dinasaur.
Always put your best foot forward as it likely will be better in keeping you
from tripping and falling over.

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