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[IP] Re:a virus killed my beta cells

OK, I'm confused.  I'm also "the lucky one" in my family--not another diabetic of any kind in sight.  However, this recent discussion does not meld with any explanation I've ever had about why I am diabetic.

I understand the basic "recipe" for IDDM to be genetic predisposition + trigger (which is often a virus).  However, I have never heard of a virus killing off beta cells.  If I'm not mistaken, IDDM results when a virus invades the body, and the body's own defense system "misfires" during response.  Instead of attacking the virus, it attacks its own insulin-producing cells.

Also, I have never heard of a test or method which definitively links the onset of diabetes with any specific virus.  I thought it was more like you get diagnosed, they ask you if you have been sick at all recently, you mention that you had the chickenpox or the flu, and they sort of surmise that that particular virus triggered the autoimmune response.

Will some of you scientists and other brainiacs help me out here??


However, I have to say that I really like the idea of a t-shirt that says, "A virus killed my beta cells."  Something very catchy (haha) about that!  Sort of like "An alien stole my baby!"

> A Virus killed my beta cells to cause my diabetes also .. I am the only one
> in my family .. I am wondering does this mean that I can pass it down to my
> children or theirs do I have that gene?? because I got it though a virus ??
> The same thing happened to me, a virus killed my insulin producing ability.
>  There had been no known diabetes in my family on either side ever!!

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