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Re: [IP] insertion pain?

In a message dated 10/19/99 10:27:08 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Question: how much more does inserting an infusion set hurt as compared
 with standard injections? I've seen several posts on folks (parents
 especially) using EMLA to numb the site first, but I am assuming that
 you generally didn't do this before with just injections? So this leads
 me to believe there must be a great deal more pain? I am guessing also
 that certain types of sets might be worse than others: the rapids and
 sof-sets (and micros) seem to me more like how a regular injection would
 go in than a sil, and the needle doesn't look THAT much bigger than a
 syringe (course, I am not the one with the experience getting poked
 every day either)... >>

Well ...

Nothing saying you can't stick a syringe, a soft-set and a sil into yourself. 
Might give you a better idea. Personally, I rarely felt the injections I gave 
myself, nor do I notice the Sils now or the Soft-sets before that. Although I 
will admit that the pump "stickers" *look* a lot more formidable than insulin 
syringes. :-)

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