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Re: [IP] Another cause of Type 1?

Linda Vermeersch wrote:
> "There is an increased incidence of juvenile onset diabetes in families in
> which Graves' or Hashimoto's disease has been diagnosed. This means that if
> your grandmother had Graves' disease, you are statistically more likely to
> develop juvenile onset diabetes than someone who comes from a family with a
> history of normal thyroid function. This statistic holds true even if your
> predecessors never developed diabetes with their thyroid conditions.
> Similarly, if  YOU have Graves' or Hashimoto's disease, your children and
> grandchildren are statistically more prone to develop juvenile onset
> diabetes."

That's because Graves' and Hashimoto's are also auto-immune endocrine
problems, and means that you have the genetic predisposition for
auto-immune problems in your family.

I just received confirmation that I have Hashimoto's (had thyroid
problems since I was 30), and that's why I'm not positive my DM doesn't
ALSO have an auto-immune component -- and that's why I call myself Type
Weird, not Type 2. 

Incidentally, although other members of my family (i.e. grandmother and
aunts and uncle) had diabetes, no one was ever diagnosed with thyroid
problems, and the diabetes was NOT weight-related -- did not ameliorate
even with significant weight loss for either my grandmother or me, and
my uncle was never overweight in his whole life. 

I always WANTED to be a mutant!

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