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Re: [IP] IF my 507c breaks........

email @ redacted wrote:
> <if my MM 507c broke would they send me a 508?>
> Hee hee this is just my distorted mind thinking , oops I dropped it <damn> in
> the toilet bowl ... I was tryin to be careful LOL can I get a 508 ? common
> who is with me on this ... LOL Julie

Well, my gut feeling is that they'd just fix it, or send you another

If you REALLY wanted one, I think you'd probably have to find a way to
convince your ins. company that you needed one of the features on it --
and that might be hard to do, because the features aren't really all
that different -- it's mostly bells and whistles, not substantive
changes. The ability to set different basal programs is nice, and if you
think you can convince your doc that you NEED that feature, go for it! 

On the other hand, if you were really a pain in the butt to MM, maybe
they'd let you upgrade for an additional fee -- I've heard $500 quoted,
but don't know what strings are attached. 

Me, I decided that I don't really need any more bells and whistles (I
got my 507c the end of last January), and I'll just wait until something
REALLY impressive shows up. Like a closed loop system, or an implantable
pump. Or better yet, a cure for diabetes! 

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