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[IP] PUMP START DAY WAS A DISASTER!-(sorry very long)

Ok list it's now almost 11:00 p.m. eastern standard time and today was pump 
start day.  It took me this long to get it together enough to post to the 
list.  Matt is 10 and starting a MM 508 today and it was a disaster from the 
get go!  I'm only posting out of frustration and because this list has given 
me the knowledge about pumping that i have so far.  First Matt starts with an 
Alarm even before we connect.  Call MM from clinic and supposedly get it 
cleared up.  Moving along, we get to the insertion, i was advised by pump 
trainer that Emla wasn't necessary for the new Micros, and i believed her my 
1st mistake.  The insertion hurt Matt and the first one didn't insert 
correctly, so now he's crying and we remove it and tell him it has to be done 
again:( !
Poor child, i talk him thru it, ok then were up and running!!!!!!!  We hang 
around awhile till pump trainer is comfortable that site is ok and were off.  
We go to lunch at McDonalds do our very first Bolus and all is well!!!!  Matt 
asks to go play in play area and I AM thrilled.  So off he goes, within 5 
mins he was back and pump was alarming!!!!!!  Get home and call MM, they are 
not comfortable with how pump is acting and they want us to disconnect him 
ASAP.  Of course i'm still taking this all in stride........Matt isn't!  He's 
devastated!  So i'm keeping my cool, so that this doesn't leave a bad taste 
in his mouth, i want this pump to be successful!  So, we disconnect, and of 
course i CANNOT get  Matt's CDE, so i just say the hell with it, i know what 
i'm doing and give him his usual dinner shot of H&N.  Keep in mind b/g 
testing is going on whole time and his b/g were good.  So this is where we 
stand, 1st day on pump, pump fails!  New pump will be sent by fedex in 
morning, and Matt and I will start over on our own, i'm nervous about this, 
but i don't want Matt to think this is a big deal.  Hey he gets another day 
off from school right?  So i'm having a hard time trusting the new 508, but i 
have too!  Please Please Please tell me i'm doing the right thing!!!!!  Also, 
i know i've read some threads before about "static electricity" giving pump 
problems.  Could this be it?  Matt said the tubes in play area were really 
really full of static!   Sorry so long, just very discouraged............:(

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