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No Subject

Julie wrote:

A Virus killed my beta cells to cause my diabetes also .. I am the only one 
in my family .. I am wondering does this mean that I can pass it down to my 
children or theirs do I have that gene?? because I got it though a virus ?? 

Hi all--How would you know for sure that a virus killed your beta cells to
cause your diabetes?  Is there a test that determines this?  I'm asking
because I was the only diabetic in my family--with six full siblings and
two "half" siblings, all of whom I've been watching for years.  When I was
diagnosed in 1966(ish), I was told several "possible" reasons--including
the virus theory and possible damage to my pancreas from a fall I'd taken a
few weeks previously and that I'd just eaten too darn much icecream jello
dessert at the family Thanksgiving feast.  The kicker is that my son
developed diabetes at age two (1984), and now several of my cousins'
children (on my dad's side of the family) have developed diabetes.
Obviously, there has to be a genetic connection of some sort that led to me
being the "lucky one" way back then.  

Interesting, isn't it?  I'm not saying that a viral infection can not be a
cause of diabetes--but I suspect that the virus just triggers something in
a system that is predisposed to diabetes.
Any experts (either of the medical or life-experience sort) out there who
want to comment?

:)  Doreen in Wyoming   
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