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[IP] NPH reactions

email @ redacted wrote:
> I
> will tell you any older diabetic will remember the difference between a
> regular reaction and an nph one. The regular hits hard and fast. The nph
> creeps up real slow and makes me very stubborn. thank GOD for better 1/2's.

You don't even have to be an old-timer to know about THAT one!!!!

It's been 7 years since my diagnosis; about 4 or 5 years ago, I was on
70-30 (yuck!) and was having a food-day with my 5th period class, so I
figured I'd just wait and eat with them -- it was only an hour later
than my usual lunch time, and I took my morning shot an hour later,
thinking to compensate.

Well, I didn't pass out, but it's the only time I've ever gotten SO
stupid I couldn't think and couldn't talk! But I did have the presence
of mind to know that I had to eat, and so I just dived into the curry we
were having without waiting for the kids -- normally, a teacher will
wait until all the kids are taken care of first. I also didn't test --
never OCCURRED to me to test. If the kids thought I was acting weird,
they were polite about it. (I teach high school, and they aren't ALWAYS

I really didn't FEEL low at all -- I just couldn't get the mental cogs
turning -- it was a scary experience, and I quit using 70/30 shortly
thereafter. I mean, if I'm gonna have a low, I want to KNOW it -- so the
hard and fast is really a good thing!

I prefer to be able to feel a low at about 70 -- that leaves enough time
to treat the low without any real danger -- however, I know that many
people don't have that choice!!!!  :S

I also had lows with NPH at night -- often woke up enough to know I was
low, but couldn't get my body moving enough to do anything about it.
Fortunately, I have a very good counterregulatory system, so nothing
serious happened, but I'm pretty sure those were at least partly
responsible for my low A1c's -- since I've been on the pump, my A1c's
have gone UP. 

At first, I was mystified by that, because my highs haven't been ANY
higher on the pump -- if anything, they've been LOWER, so the only thing
I can figure is that I'm not having hidden NPH lows at night. Which
hasta be a good thing!


I'm really happy  

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