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Re: [IP] Re: offending?

In a message dated 10/19/99 9:13:32 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  Is the pocket on the outside of
 your nightshirt?  How do you get the tubing thru the nightshirt, and into
 the pocket -
 did you just rip out part of the seam and pass the tubing thru?  Did you sew
 the pocket onto the inside of your nightshirt?  Do you have one on each
 side?  Did you sew a button on it to close and hold the pump inside the
 pocket?  Or did you use somethiing like velcro? >>

LOL Jane! You do get down to particulars!

It's just a regular ol' Nordie's (Nordstrom) nightshirt. Pocket on the 
outside, on the left-hand side. I slip Elvis up the inside of my nightshirt 
from the bottom, through the neckline and into the pocket. The tubing runs 
from the neckline into the pocket. He's never slipped out of the pocket but, 
then, I don't sleep in my nightshirt. <blush> I suppose you could sew a patch 
of Velcro on, though.

I also have a couple of Lands End nightshirts and one of them has "Elvis" 
monogrammed on the pocket. Nobody asked. I didn't tell. :-)

Of course, there is a problem with pocketed nightshirts and pumps -- like 
when you take off your nightshirt, throw it on the bed -- and go flying after 
it because you've forgotten there's a pump in the pocket ...


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