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[IP] High bloodsugars

Yesterday around 4:00pm I had an ingrown toe nail cut out.  They put me
on antibiotic just as a precaution.  My blood sugar went up to 255 after
supper I kept taking insulin but it took four hours for it to come back
down.  I thought it
may be my site but I woke up with an 89.  Changed site any way bs done
fine until supper again I started out before supper with a bs of 139
took my 1 unit to 20 carbs a  hour later I was 270 took 1 unit of
humalog 2 hours later 297 took
another 1 unit 3 hours later it is 253. Since being on the pump my sugar
has rarely done this I was wondering if it could be the antibiotic it is
The only thing I don't understand is why it ran good all day if it is
the antibiotic.
any help would be greatly appreciated. Tammy

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