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Re: [IP] Re: offending?

Jan (and Elvis) -

To keep this on topic (and appealing to Sara), Elvis is resting comfortably
in the pocket of my nightshirt with the ice cream cones, malteds, banana
splits and sundaes print.

LOVE the description of your  nightshirt!  Is the pocket on the outside of
your nightshirt?  How do you get the tubing thru the nightshirt, and into
the pocket -
did you just rip out part of the seam and pass the tubing thru?  Did you sew
the pocket onto the inside of your nightshirt?  Do you have one on each
side?  Did you sew a button on it to close and hold the pump inside the
pocket?  Or did you use somethiing like velcro?

Sorry, but am trying to find a better way of sleeping with this pump!
Thanks,  Jane

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