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Re: [IP] Skipping Generations

Julie Britt wrote:
> We have both Type 2 and Type 1 in my family- my bro and I are type 1 and we
> have lots of older relatives with type 2.  I never realized that the two are
> exclusive and we could have genes for both.  Could anyone better explain the
> difference between type 1 and type 2 insulin resistance?  does this mean we
> could potentially have more problems when we get older?

What can happen is that as you get older, you may find yourself putting
on weight all too easily, and your insulin requirements may go up. You
may also develop hypertension and hyperlipidemia needing medication to
control. (This is different from the extreme insulin resistance that is
a result of an immune system reaction, sometimes occurs in Type 1's, and
is fairly rare). 

Historically docs have been very concerned about weight in Type 1's --
when a Type 1 does become obese (and I've met a few!), then it's like
walking a tightrope to balance insulin and food, and losing weight is
often very difficult if you're insulin resistant. 

Having the genes for Type 2 DOESN'T mean you'll have more problems IF
you do exactly what you need to do for Type 1 -- control your BGs, watch
your weight, and watch out for and treat hypertension and

The genes for Type 2 do at least partially explain why some Type 1's
need so much more insulin than others -- but as usual, it's a complex
thing, and there are a lot of factors that enter in to the equation!
Good luck!
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