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Re: [IP] Re:Minimed 508

Ok.  I was just going to sit by and delete all these upgrade questions, but 
it is getting to me.  If you went to a car dealer, ordered the car of your 
dreams in red and took delivery 2 months later, you would be proud of your 
new vehicle.  2 weeks later the same model but in your favorite shade of blue 
and a new high tech keypad and an improved garage door opener comes out.  Do 
you think the dealer would let you trade it back?  Of course not.  Not 
without the depreciation for the trade and the cash difference.  Even if you 
had picked it up just the day before, you couldn't do that.  For the people 
who are taking delivery of the 507c after the 508 came out, that's a 
different story, you should have gotten a letter that the 508 is out and 
before you open this box you need to decide or need to contact your insurance 
co... Minimed should allow the upgrade if it has not been taken out of the 
box and/or programmed, so long as you pay the price difference.  But how many 
of you haven't opened the box?  I love some of the upgrades, but just like 
having to wait 3-4 years between new cars, Stephen will have to wait until 
insurance will pick up the major part of the cost of a new one.  I'm sure if 
any of you are willing to pay out of pocket, you can have the 508 as soon as 
you send them your check.  Or you can be happy with your 507c, or go back to 
shots.  Your choice.
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