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Re: [IP] blood test

Hi Robin,

Here is some information on the DPT-1 from the Children With Diabetes 
website.  We had both of our non-D daughters tested at a local hospital.  The 
hospital (in Columbus, Ohio) then sent the blood tests in batches to the 
regional lab (in Louisiana) that is handling the tests.  They want to make 
sure that all the samples are tested in a similiar manner for statistical 
analysis.  The glucose tolerance test is only done if the blood tests 
positive for the antibody.  Neither of our daughters did.  Our youngest 
daughter (5) will be retested each year and our oldest daughter (10) every 2 


Diabetes Prevention Trial 1 
The Diabetes Prevention Trial 1 (DPT-1) is a nationwide study to identify 
people at risk for developing Type 1 diabetes and determine if the 
progression of the disease can be stopped. Participants are first tested for 
the presence of islet cell antibodies. They are then given an intravenous 
glucose tolerance test to measure insulin response. Those who show the signs 
of impending Type 1 diabetes are invited to participate in the study group, 
in which half receive low doses of insulin and half receive a placebo. 

For more information about the DPT-1, contact your Diabetes Team or 
Diabetes Prevention Trial (DPT-1)
P.O. Box 016960 (D-110)
Miami, FL 33101
1-800-HALT-DM1 (1-800-425-8361) 

Additional information about the DPT-I can be found at: 

Diabetes Prevention Trial-Type 1 at the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood 
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