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Re: [IP] Another cause of Type 1?

At 05:09 PM 10/19/1999  Linda Vermeersch wrote:
>While reading through "The Thyroid Sourcebook" I came upon the following
>"There is an increased incidence of juvenile onset diabetes in families in
>which Graves' or Hashimoto's disease has been diagnosed. This means that if
>your grandmother had Graves' disease, you are statistically more likely to
>develop juvenile onset diabetes than someone who comes from a family with a
>history of normal thyroid function. This statistic holds true even if your
>predecessors never developed diabetes with their thyroid conditions.
>Similarly, if  YOU have Graves' or Hashimoto's disease, your children and
>grandchildren are statistically more prone to develop juvenile onset

Very interesting... my mother had Hashimoto's disease. Both my sister and I 
are diabetic.


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