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[IP] exercising while high

My interpretation:

When you exercise, you body needs energy -> it needs insulin to convert
sugar to energy, so insulin is a necessary factor in order to exercise.

Since high blood sugars indicate a lack of insulin, a doctor's statement to
not exercise when high has *some* grounding.   You can't exercise without

So if you take insulin to correct the high I see no problem with exercising.

But since we've also learned through experience that exercise has a catalyst
effect on insulin - making it hit us harder and faster, the only thing I'd
watch for is overcorrecting/going low because of exercising too close to a

In general, if i want to work out and i am high I make the call based on two
1.  How long have I been high?
2.  How high am I?

I feel too sluggish and have very poor performance if I am above 250 and
have been above 250 for a while.  If I am spiking when I test - on the rise
from a recent snack - then I still FEEL good, bolus 40% of what should be
the appropriate correction and go for it...

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