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[IP] Another cause of Type 1?

While reading through "The Thyroid Sourcebook" I came upon the following

"There is an increased incidence of juvenile onset diabetes in families in
which Graves' or Hashimoto's disease has been diagnosed. This means that if
your grandmother had Graves' disease, you are statistically more likely to
develop juvenile onset diabetes than someone who comes from a family with a
history of normal thyroid function. This statistic holds true even if your
predecessors never developed diabetes with their thyroid conditions.
Similarly, if  YOU have Graves' or Hashimoto's disease, your children and
grandchildren are statistically more prone to develop juvenile onset

I copied the page of the book that  the above info is quoted from and took
it to Liz's endo appt. since both Liz's maternal and paternal grandmothers
have/had Hashimoto's disease. Her CDE kept a copy  for further research
since they had never heard of this link. 

Linda V.
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