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[IP] Re:Minimed 508

I don't know if I'm doing this right.  But here goes. 
I received my new 507C pump from minimed 3 weeks ago
today.  They have yet to return my calls to set up a
time for a rep to show me the ropes and NOW I find out
that there is a Newer model available.  Why couldn't
they have told me this before mine was sent, I would
have paid extra to have the remote feature.  Now mine
is just sitting in the box, while new pumps are coming
off the assembly line every day.  I am such a wimp
when it comes to confrontation of any kind, or I would
make a big fuss.  I just know I wouldn't be able to
stand up to them.  Can't even get anybody but a
voicemail recording on the phone anyway.  Anybody have
any ideas what I should do?  HELP


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