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Re: [IP] IF my 507c breaks........ +bubbles &stuck select button

In a message dated 10/19/99 12:56:34 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<Just curious, if my MM 507c broke would they send me a 508?


For me, the answer seems to be no.  Anyone else have a better experience?  
During my "Pump line help" call today the rep said I needed a new pump 
(actually, that I should go back to injections til I get one -- ha, fat 
chance)  I said well, if I need a new pump, can I upgrade (even said I was 
willing to pay the $500 difference)  He said he didn't know anything about 
it, he could only deal with reconditioned 507c, that I would have to ask my 
sales rep.  The sales rep says "if" he can get it approved by his manager 
(implied that this would be a big deal), it would cost me $1000, because I 
have had the pump a year.   

My initial problem with the pump was having many bubbles in the tubing that I 
couldn't seem to prime bolus out.  Insulin would come out the disconnect, but 
the bubbles just congregated in the 3/4 inch or so by the disconnect, some of 
them moving back and forth, but only occasionally moving through.  But when 
another bubble from farther up came along, it did take a bunch with it, and 
not knowing when they might go through I was nervous about how much insulin I 
was getting (a few bubbles is significant when your basal is 0.3)  Anyone 
have any tricks for stuck bubbles (it was a microsofset)  (I have since 
changed to a silhouette-had to restart everything because of course I had 
used up all the insulin between the priming and the checks)

In doing the checks on the pump over the phone, it became apparent that the 
select button would not work in the setupI (meaning that it was impossible to 
get to any of the functions other than time in setup I and to any at all in 
setupII -- although the select key works to get to the main seven screens.)  
Not knowing why this was, the rep (and I) began having doubts about the pump. 
 (this function was working a few days ago).  Anyone else have this happen?  

Linda Zottoli
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