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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #576

Wayne said:  It takes real fortitude to use your weakening brain to
eat only what you know is enough.
- -wayne

Wayne was talking about overcompensating for lows...and he is right.  I'd 
guess most of us have done that at least a time or two.

But his statement is now printed out, copied, and will be posted on 
everything from my wristwatch to my refrigerator.......because having been 
overweight since the day of my birth, my brain evidently lacks the 
strength/gene/willpower/knowledge ( whatever) that says ENOUGH when it 
comes to food !

I have never seen it stated so succinctly and perhaps I can awaken the 
"genie"  and learn some fortitude to know when enough is enough when it 
comes to food.  I know it takes 20 minutes to go from mouth to stomach to 
brain.  But, I rarely eat from my stomach, just from my brain's habits. 
    Thank you Wayne for a this wonderful statement!    I must add that I 
have never felt that there was such as thing as enough when it comes to 
love, money or sex!

Bonnie Richardson

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