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[IP] Re: Skipping Generations

>OK, more than you ever wanted to know, eh??

Perhaps, but at least I feel better about my chances.  As I understand
it, one of my grandpas is type 2, but barely as he just controls with
diet and no meds. The other grandpa I believe was also type 2 but took
medication. Seems like I heard something about they thought he was
"borderline" type 1, but I wonder know if what they really meant is that
he was type 2 but was close to needing insulin, and someone got that
confused with being type 1. Guess I will see if parents end up with the
type 2 problem and keep an eye out for myself.
The recent posts about the tests for antibodies are very interesting to
me as its the first I had heard about this. Perhaps Shane's brother
would be interested in knowing this so he could get tested. Should I
ever decide to have kids I will for sure have them tested!
I think that also Shane had the flu just before he was dx'ed when he was
little. Unfortumately, it was also just a day or two after Halloween, so
of course the "know it all" grandma blamed all the Halloween candy for
giving him this disease. I was fairly sure that one wasn't right :) This
is the same grandma who to this day has a fit if she sees him eat a
thanks for the info,
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