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[IP] Hvordan har du det ? Hyggelig ? se deg!

I read your introduction on the Diabetes e-mail.  I was interested
because I am 100% Norweigian and have been to Norway 2 times.
My forefathers come from near Bergen ( a place called Agotnes
which is my maiden name).  other family from near Trondheim I think.
Anyway I have had DM1 for 50 years.  I just went on the pump 1 1/2
years ago and Love it.  No more ups and downs with the blood sugars...
at least much fewer ups and downs.   It is hard to believe but I have NO
complications.  I am a Diabetes Educator and a Registered Dietitian.
I have one son who is 32 years old and healthy.  He  lives in Hawaii and
is nearly finished with his PhD in Sociology.  I think he will soon marry a
Japanese Hawaiian girl who is a pharmacist.   Please write.
email @ redacted
PS  I am a female who grew up in North Dakota where many Norweigans
and Swedes live.
Jose Carlos heter jeg... Hvordan går med deg?

Thanks for write, Gudo. Actually now where are you? I got married six
months ago (my wife is terrific and gives me all love and support to keep
control) and I came from Brazil to Orlando, FL. So your son has my age...
and you have NO complications! Pretty nice :-) My brother-in-law and my
sister-in-law live in Hawaii - the first one teaches at university and the
second one is militar (they are married). So I suppose you have a lot of
experience with diabetes, ha? And mainly doing the right things in order
to do NOT complications - can you send me some tips? I am diabetic
since 1992 (with pills), insulin dependent since 1996 (NPH), using both
NPH and HUMALOG since july/1999 and since october/1999 with the
507C. My A1C only with NPH was 6.8% - with Humalog was 6.9%
(I changed lab, too...) and let's sse what happens with the pump.

I am fighting to discover my right carbo and insulin ratios, as well as my
basal rates. Some days they work well, but another ones actually they
don't. Do you know a procedure to determine them?

I hope to hear forom you soon, Gudo :-)


En stor klem!

email @ redacted
email @ redacted

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